Copper and copper alloy/steel explosion clad plate


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Explosion welding Copper/Steel clad metal plate Application:

This explosion welding copper/Steel clad metal are used to make the electronic conducting arm of EAF in steel smelter.


The clad metal is copper C11000, C10200, C10300

The base metal is low carbon steel plate


Thickness combination on application

Length& Width are cut to size to meet customer requirement.

*Applicable standard:

ASTMB432(Standard specification for copper and copper alloy clad steel plate)

*Ultrasonic testing:

The 100% area ultrasonic testing is performed according to ASTM A578.

*Test certificate:

Upon request in the order, the following certificate can be provided:

Chemical composition certificate

Mechanical property certificate

EN10204.3.1 certificate is available

*Packing: On non-fumigation wooden pallets or on the iron pallets, or upon request.


Metal-metal direct combination without interlayer

High electrical and thermal conductivity

Good conductivity

Long service time

Easy installation& Uninstallation

High tensile& shearing strength



1)     Copper/steel exploded clad plate

2)     Copper C11000/Aluminum 5083 clad plate

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